Okra 2 Opera

Okra 2 Opera was a blast! Spartanburg made an impression. The last time I was there I must have been a child. Converse College has a beautiful campus practically downtown. I was honored to not only meet, but participate in discussions with Dr. Marci Cohen Ferris, and I stumbled upon what I can already tell was a very important introduction, that of meeting Ronni Lundy. She is a founding member of the SFA and her work is a missing piece of the puzzle to me, a woman of the foothills whose paternal grandmother was a sharecropper and maternal great-grandfather a land owner. Ronni argues that class has riven as deeply as race, especially among Southerners living in the upper reaches of the region. Read my wrap up of Okra 2 Opera for The Local Palate, the South’s premiere food culture magazine.

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