Nathalie In Italy

I am so glad you want to join Nathalie in Italy! We’ll spend the magical week of November 12th-17th, 2018 at The Awaiting Table in Puglia, Italy cooking and writing in an Italian castle with Russ Parsons and Silvestro Silvestori. And, we’ll make a short film of the adventure, so you’ll be Nathalie’s co-star! We cooked up this adventure after I rode the length of Italy on an overnight train to The Awaiting Table in 2016 (for what became an amazing experience) because I thought Nathalie had been, but in fact she was only wanting to go! That’s the power of Madame Dupree. Now her friend Russ Parsons is leading a course at the castle, and she doesn’t want to miss it. We don’t want you to miss it, either!I’ve organized costs and logistics for the trip. Trip costs are about $4,000 exclusive of airfare, and with regard to currency conversions. For the sake of transparency, you’ll find a set of links below to allow you to book everything directly. Alternatively, contact me if you prefer that I coordinate your entire booking. You’ll also find information regarding cancellations and refunds. This is something Nathalie wants to do, and I want to make happen, for all she has done for Southern food. Please join us on this special trip! Andiamo!

Pears to your heirs,

Join Nathalie In Italy:

Having taken this trip and consulted at length with the staff of The Awaiting Table, I agree with their travel recommendations. Here is our agenda:

Saturday, November 17
Arrive in Rome. Arrival is flexible but the castle is remote, so we’re planning together.
Join us for dinner, or explore on your own.
Sunday, November 18
7:30 a.m. Meet at the Rome train station for the 5.5 hour train ride to Lecce. It’s a beautiful ride. Enjoy the view. Have nice conversations. Chat. Nap. Welcome to Lecce.
2:00 p.m. Check-in at 1 night accommodation in the walled, baroque city of Lecce.
Explore the city all afternoon.
Join us for a special welcome event in the evening.
Monday, November 19
Depart for the castle.
Spend the next 5 days cooking and writing in an Italian castle.
Swim in the pool. Stroll in the garden.
Smell the flowers. Have an amazing time.
Click here for more on the week long course.
Saturday, November 24
Depart the castle for Lecce.
Board the train back to Rome with us.
Departure is flexible but the castle is remote, so we’re planning together.

Here’s the steps you need to take to join Nathalie In Italy:

*Contact me if you prefer to mail a check. I’ll book everything for you and mail you your receipts along with a refund of difference in cost, if there is one.

  1. Book your airfare. See the agenda above and contact me with any questions or affirmation before you book. You can always fly into Naples, or walk into Rome … Just don’t miss the train!
  2. Book your course and 5 nights castle accommodation with The Awaiting Table. Pricing is in euros. They can advise you directly regarding accommodation for spouses, etc.
  3. Book our supplementary programming costs, which includes participation and time with Nathalie, round trip high speed train fare from Rome, one night accommodation in Lecce (it is not possible to arrive in Lecce and depart for the castle Monday morning), and some goodies. You can book here, or pay by check.

Join Nathalie In Italy:

When you book, we’ll be in touch to learn more about you, discuss your travel plans, and all kinds of fun specifics.


You can support the production of the film; donate to a scholarship trip, or fund a specific participant (contact me if you’d like help fundraising here).



CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS: Please review the cancellation policy for The Awaiting Table, who offer full refunds up to 60 days before class, and rebooking assistance within 60 days of class. If you need to cancel prior to 60 days before class, all supplementary travel and programming fees will be refunded. Within 60 days, we’ll do our best to help. If Nathalie needs to cancel at any stage, all supplementary travel and programming fees will be refunded.